Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

We manage our environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner to ensure that we contribute to environmental sustainability. 

Environmental Management Accreditation

Our ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Management demonstrates that we manage our environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner to ensure that we contribute to environmental sustainability.

Environmental Responsibility, management accreditation

Net Zero by 2050

We are committed to the continuous reduction of our overall environmental impact, with the aim of achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Circular Economy

Digital waste and sustainable IT is something that every business should be aware of, with an overall target of achieving a circular economy and becoming carbon neutral. 

Capito offer a “Device as a Service (DaaS)” strategy for your IT hardware.  This allows you to concentrate on consumption of software while allowing us as your sustainable IT partner to provide secure disposal of your legacy data and recycling of as many components of your legacy equipment as possible.

WEEE Compliant

Capito are fully WEEE (Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment) compliant, which means that we are able to provide a complete disposal service as part of any deployment programme you undertake with us. 

Capito are ISO 90001 certified for Quality Management, ISO 27001 certified for Information Security Management and ISO 14001 certified for Environmental Management, so you can rest assured that we won’t take any shortcuts with this important step.  You can expect a certified data wipe, along with a recycling certificate for your legacy device.

Environmental Responsibility, weee compliant

Electric Vehicles

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and overall environmental impact, Capito are in the process of transitioning our fleet of vans and trucks to 100% electric vehicles.

In addition, we now have TrackM8 system installed in all of our Capito vans. This system allows us to monitor routes, traffic and fuel consumption. This means we can improve drive behaviour and further reduce our carbon emissions. 

Environmental Responsibility, weee compliant

Packaging Waste Disposal

In addition to installation of the new device and removal of legacy hardware, Capito can also arrange to unbox on-site and take away all the packaging, disposing of it in line with environmental regulations.