Choosing the Right Cloud Solution for your Business

Recently promoted to Head of Sales & Marketing, Robert Pate shares his views on effective cloud computing solutions.

Choosing the Right Cloud Solution for your Business

Cloud computing solutions are increasingly figuring in IT offerings, usually with claims to be compelling game changers. But which one will prove a lasting success for your business?

The situation is not helped by constant hype-driven marketing campaigns. Yes, the cloud requires careful handling especially on the security front where an online data breach can cost up to £300,000, according to latest research from Juniper.

What's required are new skills, talents and tools, often not on tap from within an organisation. Here at Capito, as a G-Cloud 9 and Crown Commercial Service supplier and impressive portfolio of private sector clients, we are in an enviable position to help.

Cloud computing, whether a private, public or hybrid solution, is causing business and IT leaders to re-evaluate their strategies. It is all about determining the most appropriate managed strategy for long-term success.

One tailored to customer-specific requirements that meets business objectives and goals. In turn enabling organisations to flex, grow and transform to meet demands of the modern business.

Take a look at the ShareFile solution from Citrix.

Sharefile enables you to collaborate in real time with your team and clients, secure in the knowledge your files are always safe and you can share and send any size file on any device.

Citrix highlights a five-fold solution for organisations who choose ShareFile, balancing mobility, productivity and security in equal measures for employees, partners and clients. Business continuity is assured across devices whilst reducing your organisation's exposure to risk.

The product is designed to address what represents a diverse digital collaboration requirement of the mobile workforce operating amidst security and control demands in the modern organisation - staff working in such a broad spectrum of functional roles and multiple end-user scenarios across all lines of business can use ShareFile for:

1. Secure File Sharing

Point, Click, Share. As they say: "Simples" when it comes to employees and customers securely sharing work-related files where the user automatically syncs and shares documents with consummate ease. Both internally and externally - on any device.

Benefits include: Multilayer Security, Enterprise Key Management (EKM), Information Rights Management (IRM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) backed up by Security, Global Performance and Regulatory Compliance.

2. Access to Files Regardless of Location

Store and manage data in public or private clouds, on-premise, or in a hybrid architecture with access and sharing of documents stored on the corporate network or in the cloud with a single solution.

Benefits include: ShareFile StorageZones, restricted StorageZones, StorageZone Connectors backed up by Agility and Cost Savings.

3. Document Workflows & Collaboration

Stops endless email chains and saves storage space by reducing the number of messages with bulky attachments, enabling collaboration and gathering accurate document feedback, approvals and electronic signatures, again with a single solution.

Benefits include: Document, Management, Automated Notifications, Version Control, Workflow Automation and Electronic Signature.

4. Maximising Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud

ShareFile plus Office 365 equal Instant Access and Secure Collaboration for a more comprehensive solution for end-to-end mobility, maximum productivity and robust security - complementing and integrating with Microsoft technologies.

Benefits include: A Single Point of Access, Enhanced Workflows, Secure External Collaboration, Virtualisation shine OneDrive, backed up by Compliance capabilities.

5. Virtualisation & Mobility

ShareHolder is ultra-versatile and can be used with Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, and XenMobile enabling secure mobile workspaces plus efficient content collaboration that employees require to maximise productivity. ShareHolder is the only enterprise file sync-and-share solution optimised for virtual environments.

Benefits include: Performance, Configuration, Mobile Device Management, Secure Productivity backed up by a Unified Solution.

To quote industry analyst Christopher Mussel of Frost & Sullivan: "Citrix understands that subscribers using ShareFile need a service that respects established workflows and is low-friction for the end user. Focusing on the customer experience is both a productivity and security consideration."

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Download the white paper Sharefile Enterprise: Security or we can set up a short webinar to take you through the product in more detail and answer any queries you may have.