Feeling Supersonic?

This article originally appeared in the Sept/Oct 2019 edition of Business Insider (page 121).

Feeling Supersonic?

By Mark Gibson, Managing Director of Capito Ltd

Our MD, Mark Gibson, discusses Supersonic Technologies and the importance of improved simplicity over more speed and features - we would love to hear your feedback.

You may question the link between technology and a well-known Oasis song lyric.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI), BlockChain and Augmented Reality are the current usual suspects when it comes to Disruptive Technology, but the latest is Supersonic Technologies and its game-changing impact on commercial travel. 

Disruptive Technology displaces the established, shaking up an industry to spawn something ground-breaking – cutting air travel time in half and connecting people faster than ever before would definitely qualify – but what do we actually need and who is asking for it?

Back firmly on the ground, the concept of Digital Transformation might be considered the logical wrapper for tools facilitated by disruptive technologies.

Real Digital Transformation in today’s modern workplace is all about giving people the right tools and support to get the job done – not just about more speed and features.  In fact, the latest findings estimate that more than 45% of software features are never used.  The focus needs to be on improved simplicity.

Personally, I am much more excited by the prospect of driving Digital Transformation through the use of the widely-available Microsoft Teams platform.  With a ‘use what you already have’ philosophy, this cloud-based application is a real gem for driving collaboration.   

Part of the Office 365 suite, it delivers messaging, voice and video calls, meetings and file-sharing for businesses of all sizes.  My prediction is that it will revolutionise the modern workplace. Why? It helps deliver the ‘Modern Job’- fostering innovation and creativity so everyone in your organisation can contribute ideas while working safely, simply, and flexibly. Oh, and did I mention Artificial intelligence?  It has that too.

So, whilst the next crop of future technologies – space drones, 800mph trains and smart t-shirts that monitor your health - may sound exciting, you don’t need to move faster than the speed of sound to make dramatic improvements to your business.

The latest industry surveys show that organisations implementing Microsoft Teams have reduced costs, accelerated decision-making, and an improved customer/employee experience, through reductions in meetings and other efficiencies.

That’s got to be good, if not supersonic.