Guest Blog: Bill Magee on Windows 10

Windows 10 Event

We invited Business Insider columnist, Bill Magee, to our Windows 10 Adoption event at Microsoft's offices in Edinburgh recently, with speakers from Microsoft, HP and Capito.  

Here's what he had to say.

"Every organisation faces a data challenge in this Digital Age. No matter what size business, we're all bombarded 24/7 by what often appears like a veritable tsunami of information sources".

The crucial point is that you have the confidence in how your innumerable document sources are handled. It has to be in an agile yet highly-secure fashion which brings me onto Windows as a Service. In developing your organisation's digital blueprint, it's understandable you might have anxieties over perceived migration challenges. It could be concern over the planned budget outlayed or if you are gaining maximum value from your investment. After all it's your company's hard earned cash. 

This is where the high-tech specialists at Capito and their EasyStart service comes in: representing a unique combination of services and software to help minimise your migration effort and simultaneously maximise benefits achieved. 

The first thing the Capito folks will ask you is: where do you think you are on your Windows 10 journey - (1) You're looking at Win 10 (2) You're already underway (3) You're on Win 10. 

At whatever stage you're at, EasyStart majors on risk-averse planning to ensure the entire exercise is conducted in optimal     tranches to seamlessly achieve the migration process. 

We're talking about a simple, ring-fenced solution, at a fixed price and with a clear remit that involves a choice of options to meet a client's particular configurational requirements. Plus, you're not tied to Capito's services. This means the data and intelligence supplied remains yours no matter how the delivery migration is delivered. 

Furthermore, by engaging Capito you instantly gain access to their wealth of process documentation experience. Check their website and you'll see who has already benefited. 

Microsoft released new versions of Windows every few years before Win 10. At times, I guess, it felt like a burden to users in terms of implementing a system and keeping it running. Not so with Windows as a service. Win 10 has much smaller features and its operating system updates only 2 or 3 times annually to help address any issues. In total it represents a far simpler "test, manage and deploy" system all round.

When it comes to Win 10, not a bad bottom line decision when you think about it..

John Greig, Microsoft

Mark Graham, Capito

David Milliken, HP Inc.