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Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP: Case Study

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The Background

Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP (WJM) has been serving individuals and businesses as a Scottish independent full-service law firm over 165 years. The firm operates a “Client Service Driven” ethos from its five offices across Scotland.

The firm identified a need to upgrade and enhance IT infrastructure to support continued sustainable growth and ensure robust, business continuity, data management and protection from ransomware attacks. A move to new premises for the Glasgow Head office created the opportunity to implement system upgrades while infrastructure was already due to be relocated.

The Solution

Working closely with the team at WJM, Capito proposed several enhancements to deliver a bespoke solution that would meet the firm’s specific needs. This included a more efficient, infrastructure incorporating a robust storage solution with very quick recovery in the event of a critical incident.

Capito designed a new Pure Storage configuration with primary and secondary data centres. The primary production data centre in the new head office is supported by a secondary resource housed in a dedicated off-site data centre.

Existing servers were replaced, improving CPU performance and reducing physical footprint and power consumption.

Pure Storage datastores were configured using Pure’s Safemode to provide robust and reliable protection from ransomware attacks, enhancing capability for recovery of data snapshots.

Capito ensured that all system and user acceptance testing was successfully implemented in line with the detailed project plan to ensure a smooth transition ahead of deadline.

The Outcome

Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie saw an immediate improvement in system performance and now have confidence that the appropriate systems and infrastructure are in place to meet the firm’s plans for continued growth and expansion.

The system incorporates the most efficient and effective use of up-to-date hardware, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint while enhancing performance.

The firm and its clients have the peace of mind and confidence that their data is managed effectively and protected from any potential ransomware attack.

Pure Storage’s Safemode allows for very fast recovery from either primary or secondary data centres in the unlikely event of a critical incident.

“We have worked with Capito numerous times over the years and they are a trusted partner who always take time to understand our specific needs before developing and implementing proposals.

“Their commitment to delivering on time and with minimal disruption to business operations ensure that projects are always in line with the agreed plans and deadlines.”

Billy Kemmett

Director of IT and Facilities