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Making Remote Working Real Webinar

Making Remote Working Real

The second in our Making IT Real webinar series, Making Remote Working Real took place on April 29th - if you missed it, or want to rewatch, please complete the form below to view a recording.

If you experience any difficulties with viewing the video, please email contact@capito.co.uk.

Making Remote Working Real Webinar- Capito

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Making Remote Working Real

Part 2 in the Making IT Real series of webinars, brought to you by Capito, CompanyNet and Servent

When things return to normal, most employees expect a blended approach to work – balancing remote work with trips to the office.

That means it’s more important than ever to get remote working absolutely right.

Join three leading Microsoft partners on Thursday 29th April and discover how to ensure a fantastic remote working experience on Microsoft 365 and Azure, without sacrificing data security.

Discussions for this webinar include:

  • Work from Anywhere powered by Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Creating a vibrant Microsoft Teams virtual workplace without compromising the security of your business data
  • Demystifying remote working and the importance of Endpoint security

This 45-minute webinar will explain the core concepts around remote working, with a chance to get your own questions answered at the end.