£55,000 raised in Edinburgh

Well done to our sleepers, Robert Pate and Ken Dougan, who slept rough in Edinburgh on Friday night (7 Oct) for Byte Night, to help raise money for Action for Children. 

"It was a great night. We did get really cold about 3am but managed to make it through. I can't imagine having to do that every night," added Robert.

Byte Night is aiming to raise £1.4m to help prevent young people from youth homelessness. The Edinburgh event took place in Charlotte Square in Edinburgh and there were another 9 locations taking part across the UK.

The total raised to date is £806,000 with the Scottish event contributing £55,000 so far. The fundraising continues until the end of the year so there's still time to make a donation to this very worthwhile cause.

We've raised over £1244!

Capito's target is £3000 and we're more than 40% of the way there. You can help us reach this target by donating here.

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