Capito Executive Briefing

Capito recently ran an Executive Briefing on Droplet Computing across two days. The morning and afternoon sessions were well attended and there was a lot of interest in Droplet Computing's container technology.

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What is Droplet and Container Technology?

Capito is Droplet Computing's first Scottish partner and we were delighted to welcome company founders, Peter von Oven and Steve Horne to Capito's offices this week, to explain all about this ground-breaking technology. Effectively, Droplet Computing uses patent-pending container technology to run applications on any device both online and offline – even if the operating system on the device does not normally support those applications.

Find out more, including the benefits and cost-savings this technology can deliver here.

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Droplet Computing is of particular benefit to organisations in the Education, Healthcare, Local & Central Government and Oil & Gas sectors.

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