Capito participate in SBRC's Exercise in a Box

Capito participate in SBRC's Exercise in a Box

Capito hosted a fantastic session organised in partnership with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC)'s “Exercise in a Box” on Tuesday, July 13th

 "Exercise in a Box" is a workshop which helps organisations to test and practice their response to a cyber attack.  With attacks constantly increasingly both in numbers and in sophistication, protecting your data, your customers, and your business is not something that you should leave to chance, yet many are unprepared.

Delivered via Microsoft Teams, the session began with an introduction to the world of cybersecurity and the team learned several alarming titbits, such as the fact that 94% of malware is delivered by email and that 95% of breaches are due to human error.  

With the scene suitably set, we were split into into breakout rooms to discuss some scenarios in smaller groups.

In addition to the Capito teams, we had also invited selected clients to join the session.  Participants were recruited from different departments to represent a cross-section of the business.  This was NOT specifically aimed at technical staff since cyberthreats can reach anyone in the business.  After some lively discussion in our respective groups, we came together as a group for some closing remarks.

Mark Gibson, Capito's Managing Director, said: "As a new member of SBRC, it was important to us to get fully involved and support initiatives we are asking our customers and partners to undertake. The feedback from the Capito team and our customers has been great. Everyone took something 'actionable' away from the session, whether their role is deeply technical or in logistics, operations or finance.

The whole session was just 90 minutes long so I would encourage other businesses to invest this time as a starting point.  It's as great opportunity to get your team thinking about how easy it is to become a victim of a phishing scam or other cyber threat, and make them aware of the defences that you already have in place.  This should not just be left to your IT department as anyone can be targeted."

SBRC is an independent, not-for-profit organisation whose primary focus is to keep their business members secure on and offline.  To read more about SBRC and their Exercise in a Box workshops, click the button below.