Capito shares views on Scottish Procurement

Capito Managing Director, Alan Middleton, was delighted to be invited to share his views on the company's success and approach to Scottish Procurement  at the 11th Business in Parliament conference, which was held at Holyrood on 29 September.

The conference began in the impressive surrounds of Holyrood's debating chamber and was addressed by a range of MSPs including First Minister, Rt. Hon. Nicola Sturgeon MSP.

A running themes was the need to address the digital skills gap in Scottish businesses and the need to equip people with these skills. Nora Senior spoke about one of the keys to success being to invest in training, adding that "top businesses invest the most in training their people".

Leah Hutcheon who pitched her beauty-salon-booking business, Appointedd, on BBC's The Entrepreuneurs series, encouraged the business audience to buy from start-ups, invest in start-ups and added that Scotland is the best place to start a business. She also revealed a startling fact - that £7.6bn could be added to the Scottish economy if the same number of woman set up businesses in Scotland as men, stating that this is "the same amount of money required to negate the effects of Brexit".

The First Minister then spoke about how Scotland leads in so many ways although lags behind in Business R&D. Also about the desire to unlock Scotland's potential, the need to focus on innovation and to encourage more start ups.

It was then time for the workshops, with Alan Middleton jointly facilitating the Public Procurement - What's in it for Business workshop with Stephanie Staubach (Top Mark Claims Management) and hosted by John Mason MSP.

Alan spoke about the way Capito has evolved its tendering process in response to the changes in the public procurement process and how collaboration with other organisations and in collaborative frameworks has helped Capito gain access to public contracts. 

The full Scottish Government conference report will be available in November 2017.

SG-Business-in-Parliament-conference_Leah Hutcheon

SG-Business-in-Parliament-conference_Keith Brown MSP_Jackie Baillie MSP, Tavish Scott MSP   

SG-Business-in-Parliament-conference_Nicola Sturgeon MSP