Capito wins place on Jisc Framework

In January 2015, Capito was awarded a place on all four Lots of a four year Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) framework by Jisc, to provide enterprise class synchronised file sharing services to all higher education institutions, further education colleges, specialist colleges and research council establishments in the UK and members of the purchasing consortium.

Jisc, a registered charity, offers digital solutions to UK education and research, including providing the Janet network. 

The File Sync and Share service was assessed through a rigorous tender process. To ensure maximum benefit for its customers, Jisc imposed a number of financial and technical entry requirements for Capito to meet before joining the DPS to ensure reliable and consistent service delivery. 

Capito was successful on all four lots of the service and has been selected to provide file synchronisation and sharing services on: 

  • Lot 1: Basic Sync and Share capability
  • Lot 2: EEA Hosting and data Protection - which addresses the need for storage of data within the EEA and in compliance with EU Data Protection Requirements
  • Lot 3: File Encryption and Security
  • Lot 4: Integrated User Authentication and Identity Management
The services are available to higher education institutions, further education and specialist colleges and research council establishments in the UK, members of the purchasing consortia, publicly funded schools and by any other bodies whose core purpose is the support and advancement of education or research. The service is also available for use by other National Research and Education Networks (NREN) and the community it serves, where the NREN has either a direct connection to the Janet network, or it is a member of the consortium that operates GÉANT at any time during the period of this DPS.

Commenting on the contract award, Alan Middleton, said, “We were delighted that Capito secured this framework agreement with Jisc which further demonstrates our commitment to delivering best of breed Cloud services and solutions to the public sector”.