COVID-19: Public Sector Call to Action

Can You Help?

In collaboration with our partner HP, Capito is launching an initiative to further support the enablement of remote working in Scottish public sector organisations. 

CALL TO ACTION: Do you have working desktops or mobile IT equipment which are currently in storage, being used as spares, in non-essential business areas that are no longer required, or are otherwise going unused?  

Given the critical and unprecedented situation we are all currently facing, some of your colleagues across the public sector may be able to utilise this equipment to provide interim support that enables mobile or home working.  These may include frontline services, NHS wards, and health charities. 

Through Capito, HP is supporting a fully compliant model which will allow surplus equipment, where possible, to be collected, recovered, and securely wiped of data, before being prepared and re-deployed to those that need them. 

Please note that, unless there is an exceptional circumstance, this will be done Free of Charge for both the public sector body donating the devices and the public sector body recipient.  

If you can help, or if your own department would like to request support from this initiative, please contact Capito directly at