Four hacks for Word 2016

Save time authoring documents with Microsoft Word

Microsoft engineers have developed four easy tips - or hacks - for Microsoft Word which are designed to give more time back to teachers during their lesson planning, assignment creation and more.

Capito-Microsoft-Gold-Partner_young man at table working on a laptop

Inking equations

With digital inking in Word, you can create maths and science worksheets quickly by having your handwritten maths automatically transformed into proper, typed equations without having to mess around with a symbol picker.

Accurately add up rows in a table 

Ever missed a row in the sum? With this trick, Word can do calculations for you in the blink of an eye, minus mistakes.

Sort a list

Planning a field trip with your students? Now you can copy/paste a list of your students' names into Word and put them in alphabetical order with ease.  No need to manually sort through the list as you iterate through the alphabet in your head – this tip has got you covered.

Turn text into a table 

Have you ever pasted something into Word for an assignment but then need to turn it into a table. Or vice versa? All of the information pasted as a table, and you really need it to be simple text. You really don’t want to retype all that information. This trick gets it done in three speedy clicks.

Find out how

See the original Microsoft blog to find out how you can use these excellent time-saving tips.