Keep Your Business Moving and Your Workers Agile

Keep Your Business Moving and Your Workers Agile

Get Exactly What is Needed Directly to Those Who Need It, Wherever They Are.

Do your team have all the tools they need to be able to carry out their roles effectively in the lead up to Christmas?  Do they have all the support needed to allow them to hit the ground running as 2021 dawns?

With ever-changing guidelines and, at times, differing regional restrictions, many of our clients have come to us for help in supporting their team in remote working – first, by getting their end users mobilised to work in an agile manner and then providing the ongoing support required to keep them effective.

Capito offers a full range of agile worker solutions that are completely customised to your needs and to support your users, no matter where they are working.

These flexible solutions can include hardware, security, device and software monitoring, collaboration tools and connectivity.

The flexibility of the agile worker bundle extends to each individual worker.  We understand that a uniform approach might not suit you since not all of your users will need exactly the same items.  Some of your team may only need a mobile device, while others might require this plus a display screen, docking station, headset, mouse, and keyboard.  

Devices can be pre-staged by Capito in our secure ISO 27001 accredited Staging Centre for activities such as imaging and asset tagging, customised as appropriate and our team can consolidate all items needed for each user and deliver to them as a single package, right to their own doorstep.  We can also help you to run a user discovery exercise so that you can find out what your team already have and what they still need.

If your workforce is geographically dispersed, our Essential Supplier status can help ensure that you can still get the required equipment across Tier boundaries and directly to your worker's home. 

What happens if you have a user with a faulty device?  We also offer a break-replace service (often known as a device swap service) whereby we will take the faulty device away from the user and replace it with one from your own stock from our warehouse.  The faulty device will then be repaired at our staging centre and put back into your stock for future re-deployment.

Logistics are complex, something Capito in IT terms, has been doing for over 15 years. From arranging a technical courier service, including scheduling deliveries to your agile workers, including their homes, to ensuring those devices are secured, up-to-date, connected and with access to suitable collaboration tools, Capito can manage this on your behalf – if you are feeling this pain, please give us a call discuss the “art of the possible” in more detail.