Making it difficult for hackers

Microsoft has announced new security features to their UK Data Centres, making it even harder for hackers to steal customer information from companies.

These include Azure SQL Threat Detection which is tackling the threat of SQL Injection attacks by sending users an alert when their website is being attacked and suggests how to deal with the threat.

In addition, Microsoft announced:

Capito-Windows 10 Security, UK datacentres, keyboard with padlock image

  • Managed Disks Storage Service Encryption - which safeguards data to meet a company’s security and compliance needs.
  • Azure Container Service (ACS) - which lets developers create and run programs in isolation from the rest of their computer, using open source tools.
  • Azure Stream Analytics - which enables users to study data from devices, websites, apps, social media and more.
  • Log Analytics - allows users to detect and respond to issues quickly, as well as back up their files and automate certain tasks.
  • SQL Data Sync Public Preview - lets users automatically synchronise information across databases quicker and more easily.
Find out more and read the original Microsoft article here.

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