Our Upcoming Email Security Webinar with Barracuda

How to Protect your Business, People and Data from the Latest Breed of Email Security Threats

Upcoming Webinar: Your Invitation

With multiple members of your team working from home, can you be certain that none of them have a malicious threat on their device, ready and waiting to be unleashed on your corporate network? 

Learn how to keep up with the constant evolution of threats by joining Capito and Barracuda's exclusive Total Email Protection webinar on Wednesday, November 25th. 

From 11am until noon, you will learn how you can outsmart even the newest tricks cybercriminals use in a post-COVID world and defend your organisation from a wide variety of virus and malware threats delivered within email. 

Registration is quick, easy and free so sign up now to secure your spot. 

Please feel free to share with anyone in your network who you think would benefit from this session.