We're going to Mobile Scotland 2016

The mobile phone is the device which defines our generation: mobile technology has changed the way we communicate, interact, access the internet and consume entertainment. 

It is hard to consider another invention which has had such a profound impact on human behaviour. The tectonic shift towards mobile technology has also transformed the world of business; from internal process and staffing patterns to the way the organisation engages with its customer base. As technology has become a crucial enabler, the value of that technology has become increasingly pivotal: an organisations app is now perceived to be its new shop floor, and the aesthetics, functionality and service experience must reflect that importance.

Mobile Scotland 2016 - Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh - 26 May 2016

Mobile Scotland will contextualise the impact of mobile technology, considering the trends, value and inherent business implications. The programme will feature an array of peer-led presentations exploring how organisations can use mobile to enhance operational process; boost efficiency and increase collaboration. 

Applications will also be a key focus of discussion, looking at the creation and integration of business apps and exploring the increasing role of customer facing applications in both sales and service. Mobile Scotland will bring technologists together to learn, share and discuss, creating a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange. 

Organised by Scot-Tech Engagement, the conference is free to attend for business leaders and IT personnel.

You can register at: mobile-scotland.com

Speakers include:

  • Julian Wilson, Head of Mobile Innovation, Barclays
  • Geoff Ballinger, System Architect, DeltaDNA & Founder of Mobile Monday Edinburgh
  • David Low, Head of Developer Advocacy, Skyscanner
  • Esther Stringer, Managing Director, Border Crossing Media
  • David Bowie, Strategy Director, 1 Virtual World
  • Alisdair Gunn, Project Director, Interactive Scotland & PA Consulting
  • Ryan McCabe, Managing Director, ODRO
  • Liz McGettigan, Director of Digital, Solus
  • Gary Haldane, Head of ICT, Kingdom Housing Association
  • Mark Stephen, Journalist & Broadcaster, BBC Scotland