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Capito Containerised Apps Solution

Managing apps to run on any device*

Your Apps On Any Device, Anywhere*

Capito utilises Droplet Computing’s container technology to enable fully featured applications to run on a user’s Smartphone, iPad, Chromebook, Apple Mac, Windows PC or any other device with sufficient resources and a modern browser – even if the operating system on the device does not normally support those applications. 

What makes our container solution different from other containers is that the users do not need to be connected to run their applications. Applications run on the user’s device of choice, online as well as offline (semi connected), without any loss of features, functions or familiarity.

  • Staff Platform - Droplet Computing provides the ability to cost-effectively deliver a personalised “app store” for staff members tailored for individual need.
  • Productivity everywhere - Apps run in a contained environment on the device so there is no need for a constant cloud connection. Apps will run online and offline with no loss of functionality;
  • Software savings - Droplet will enable customers to redeploy legacy software and "fat client" systems (saving money on new software/data conversion and associated consultancy).
  • Repurposing hardware - Droplet can breathe new life into old devices - providing the device still switches on and has access to a browser we can deliver the latest software to it. 
  • Any device -  we can deliver applications to any device with a browser, including “legacy software”. Essential Apps from unsupported/end of life OSes can be used safely and efficiently through Droplet Computing.
  • IT department savings - Droplet Computing removes many of the incumbent overheads in delivering end user computing specifically by providing central administration features such as manifest installers, auto-encryption and remote lock to secure both applications and sensitive data.
  • Security – Droplet Computing Containers provide a safe sandbox environment which makes apps invisible to the underlying operating system in addition to Enterprise-grade encryption for your fully featured apps and data.

*Any device with sufficient resources and a modern browser.


For more details on how the technology works, you can download the Droplet Computing datasheet here.

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Use cases

A number of customers have already realised the benefits that Droplet Computing can bring to their business. Organisations face a number of IT challenges which can be common across certain sectors, as they often have the same applications in place to deliver specific services or which help their organisation to run smoothly.  

We have therefore produced six sector-specific guides to help organisations understand how Droplet Computing can benefit them.

You can also look at the Droplet Computing case studies page to understand how they helped solve individual customer challenges.

Education Guide to Droplet Computing


Droplet Computing is all about providing flexibility to the end user and, most importantly for the Education sector, delivering a solution that is scalable but remains within a tight budget. How can you achieve this whilst addressing your Hardware and App challenges?

See our Education Guide to find out how you can overcome these challenges.

Government and Local Government Guide to Droplet Computing


Local and Central Government need to determine how many applications are being maintained in the Public Sector and how many are actually being used. How do you review the number of applications that are currently supported vs. how many are needed? 

See our Government Guide to find out how you can overcome these challenges.

Healthcare Guide to Droplet Computing


Health trusts/services are being asked to deliver an increasing number of services through IT. The NHS has to work within the confines of an aggressive savings agenda and shrinking budgets whilst providing a more ‘business to consumer’ approach to the patients they care for. 

See our Healthcare Guide to find out how you can overcome these challenges.

Oil & Gas guide to Droplet Computing

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas organisations often still run business-critical applications that were written/developed for older operating systems, such as Windows XP. Plus, users can typically only access their desktop applications whenever they are onshore and connected to the internet. 

See our Oil & Gas Guide to find out how you can overcome these challenges.

Government and Local Government Guide to Droplet Computing


While many mission-critical applications are being re-written to be Cloud native, many more remain firmly chained to desktop operating systems. How do Finance companies ensure these apps still work as security patches are applied, including after migrating to Windows 10?

See our Finance Guide to find out how you can overcome these challenges.


Retailer systems are under pressure to upgrade out-dated systems but then find they are tied to a specific operating system. With GDPR and the need to protect customers' data even more than before, how can retailers ensure they are enhancing the customer experience.

See our Retailer Guide to find out how you can overcome these challenges.

Interested in a trial or proof of concept?

Depending on your particular requirements, we may be able to offer a trial of Droplet Computing or a proof of concept. If this is of interest, please complete the enquiry form here.

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