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Iomart Partner

As a partner to Iomart, as well as IT vendors such as Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, Capito has the technical expertise to deliver the complete end-to-end digital service.

Whether you are looking for a complete Cloud service or a hybrid solution, Capito's highly skilled technical consultants can build the ‘as a service’ solution that best meets your IT and Business requirements. 

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

All too often, businesses don't think they will be hit by a disaster and so are unprepared for it when it does happen. It may be that you have a traditional backup solution in place but have never actually tested it to see if it works in practice, or it may fall short if a disaster were to strike. 

A cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) solution would help mitigate these issues to ensure minimal impact on your business in the event of a disaster. 

Capito's Disaster Recovery Service, powered by Iomart, is a hypervisor level replication solution that enables organisations to protect any virtual environment. Capito DRaaS securely replicates critical servers and applications to a dedicated disaster recovery platform which is easy to manage, simple to use and delivers exceptionally short Recovery Point and Recovery Time objectives.


Risks to your business

❌ No disaster recovery (DR) plan?

❌ Ineffective or untested DR?

❌ Human error?

❌ Corrupt backups?

❌ App/server clashes or catastrophic hardware failures?

Find out more by downloading our Disaster Recovery fact sheet.

Contact us

If you are serious about protecting your business from the impact of disasters and need to ensure continued business continuity in the event of an incident, contact a member of the Capito team by email or call 01506 460 300.


Capito Cloud Services Overview

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