FlashArray// from Pure Storage

There are 3 main advantages of the FlashArray//: 

  • Purpose built for flash - hardware and software designed together to deliver breakthroughs in performance, scalability, simplicity, and agility.
  • Enterprise-Proven reliability - FlashArray//x delivers breakthrough resiliency that never quits. Proven greater than 99.999% availability means your data is always available, always performing and always protected – with no performance loss. Now, with predictive support, we can predict vulnerability to known issues and take pre-emptive action to minimise your downtime risk.
  • Built to share & scale - Consolidate everything in one, with storage that grows alongside your business. Scale performance and capacity independently for generations, non-disruptively and without maintenance windows. Grow from a single application to your all-flash cloud.
Capito-Pure Storage - stacked data storage units