Smart Route Printing 

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How does Smart Route Printing work?

Let’s say you have a doctor from A&E who is always mobile and works in different areas of the hospital throughout the day. 

With his/her consistently busy schedule, he/she will eventually need to print out patient data from where he/she is, without having to go back to a specific zone or having to tap and release at a print station. This shouldn’t be a problem though, should it? 

With most VDI and EMR systems, this will cause a huge problem for inflexible legacy systems that don’t work well with the default printer or client name being changed in motion. 

If the doctor prints from 'zone 1', the print job will end up printing to 'zone 3', where the patient is located. This means that the doctor can accidentally send confidential patient data to a printer that isn’t even in the same zone as he/she is. It would also be a tremendous waste of time having the doctor walk over to zone 3 just to pick up his/her patient information, rather than picking it up where he/she is located. 

In this scenario, Smart Route printing module works by:

1. Creating three printers – label printer, laser printer, prescription printer.
2. Smart route decides where to route the print job based on the location of the device they are printing from.
3. EMR/HER applications are not aware smart route is re-routing the print jobs.

So, when the doctor walks over to zone 2 and selects a prescription printer, it will automatically be released to the zone 2 printer based on location and the type of print job selected. 

"UniPrint’s solution immediately took care of 90% of our printing issues. There was a lot of work done in the background, so that for the end user, we could really focus on patient care and not worry about printing."

Dr Brian Lee, St. Joseph's Health

"We consistently see savings of minutes every day given back to our care givers. From our point of view, that is what we are trying to achieve."

David Baker, Former VP of IT, St. Joseph's Health