Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Secure, next generation backup and recovery.

Cloud Backup

With secure enterprise-class offsite backup for critical data, Capito Cloud Storage delivers next generation intelligent data backup and recovery to protect business critical data in one simple unified solution.

IT environments are increasing in complexity, with growing physical and virtual infrastructures combined with an increasing number of applications that are critical to the functioning of an organisation. IT managers are under pressure to enhance their data protection strategies. As organisations battle to protect ever increasing data environments in ever decreasing backup windows, Cloud Backup from Capito allows customers to intelligently meet business objectives by backing up critical data and retaining it in a secure N+N infrastructure. Cloud Backup helps achieve backup and recovery goals in a simple to deploy, enterprise-class, intelligent managed service.

Key features

Based on the enterprise grade EMC Avamar platform, Cloud Backup from Capito is an intelligent solution for both physical and virtual environments with application-aware agents deployed to each network component, regardless of location, which back up centrally to secure Capito-owned data centres. The key benefit of Cloud Backup is that each unique item of data is only backed up once, meaning that during the backup window only changes are transferred. 

Consequently, backup times are significantly reduced. Each item of data that is backed up is written to an array of N+N appliances that ensure fault tolerance, reliability and performance.

Capito Cloud Backup provides:

  • Client side de-duplication
  • Efficient use of connectivity
  • High availability and reliability
  • Secure encrypted backup
  • Centralised management
  • Fast single step restores
  • VMware integration

Backup as a Service, Capito backup


There are many customer benefits to Capito's Backup as a Service, including:

  • Increased performance: data deduplication significantly reduces customers’ backup time by only storing unique daily changes, which also optimises the bandwidth necessary for individual backups and reduces network traffic.
  • Fast, single-step recovery: customers can recover entire backups or individual files or directories immediately.
  • Easily scalable and simple to manage: the complete managed service is delivered to customers through a single internet-based interface which supports a range of operating systems and software.
  • Simple deployment
  • Reduced costs
  • High availability
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Meets legislative and compliance requirements
  • Helps achieve RTO/RPO objectives
  • No additional investment in hardware or software
  • Guaranteed service levels