Capito Private Cloud

Capito Private Cloud

Your dedicated resource in the cloud.

Ideal For Organisations With Safety And Security Concerns

For organisations with concerns around the safety and security of hosting their data, systems or applications in the cloud, a Private Cloud solution from Capito offers complete peace of mind – a dedicated resource in the cloud without losing the protection or security that a traditional on-premise solutions provides.

We deliver a fully resilient, secure, scalable and highly available managed Private Cloud solution, enabling you to scale your computing, network and storage requirements in real time according to business needs. The high availability cloud server platform has been designed to deliver outstanding cloud server reliability and results. Engineered from the ground up to ensure no single point of failure from the dual power feeds in each data centre through to your data being written to two separately located arrays, Capito’s Private Cloud really does offer the ultimate enterprise cloud experience.

A Private Cloud solution from Capito offers you: 

  • All the benefits of Cloud Computing with the security and resilience of a dedicated private solution.
  • Dedicated infrastructure, platforms and software in an easily managed and cost effective solution.
  • Ideal option to answer even the toughest security challenges and meet the strictest legal and regulatory concerns.

Capito Private Cloud solution

A private cloud solution offers additional security as all the cloud resource for the customer is solely used by that customer, within a firewall. This means that all corporate data is securely ring-fenced making it an ideal option for organisations that store or process sensitive information, such as legal or financial organisations who may be subject to strict regulatory pressures.

When Capito delivers your Private Cloud, we’ll support you 24/7, provide you with a dedicated account manager and clear billing all underpinned by enterprise data centre infrastructure and connecting network. Every cloud server delivers dedicated compute resources, guaranteeing performance and data security.

With Capito's Private Cloud solution, you will benefit from: 

  •  Dedicated hardware platform
  •  Bespoke Cloud Solution 
  •  Total security – meets legal and regulatory compliance
  •  On demand virtual servers
  •  Finite resource pre-ordained
  •  Flexibility and elasticity

Capito Private Cloud benefits