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How Much Do You Know About Azure?

As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP), Capito offers a wide range of Azure public cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure includes over 70 different cloud services, deployed in Microsoft's Global Datacentre Network which is made up of over 100 datacentres across 24 regions, now including the UK. 

For organisations concerned about keeping their data within the UK, Microsoft has three UK Datacentres (in London, Durham and Cardiff) which have Office 365 and Azure solutions available. 

Download this fact sheet to find out more about Microsoft's Datacentres and Network.

Azure solutions are grouped under Security & Management, Platform Services, Infrastructure Services and Hybrid Operations. 

Consider using Azure for the following:

  • Reliable storage for large amounts of data
  • Virtual machines and containers – running Windows or Linux
  • Network services (vNets, VPNs, load balancers, DNS services, etc)
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery services
  • Cloud-based Active Directory (Azure AD)
  • Remote Applications/Desktop Services

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Capito's Azure Services

The scale and scope of possibilities with Azure is massive and can mean many things to many IT professionals. Capito only offers Azure services where we have the expertise required to deliver these public, or hybrid, cloud solutions well. Our core Azure services are as follows:

  • Security & Management
    • Azure Active Directory
  • Platform Services
    • Integration Services 
    • Compute 
    • Web & Mobile 
    • Data Analytics & IOT 
  • Infrastructure Services 
    • OS/Server Compute 
  • Hybrid Operations

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Azure Facts & Figures

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Benefits of running your services on Azure public cloud:

  • Cost savings - no need to purchase hardware and removes the cost of running the data centre
  • Speed - on-demand service means even large amounts of computing resources can be provisioned in minutes
  • Scalability - enables you to deliver the right amount of IT resources where and when it is needed
  • Productivity - IT teams can spend more time on more important projects rather than time-consuming IT management chores
  • Performance - greater economies of scale
  • Reliability - data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity is easier and less expensive

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