Capito Secure Web Gateway

Capito Secure Web Gateway

Complete cloud security - anyone, anywhere, any app, any device

Next Generation Security  

Capito works in partnership with Censornet to provide next generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG) with in-built Cloud Application Control capability and the power to extend web access policies to Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives.

Web access for employees is business critical. However, IT departments also face the challenge of how to accommodate trends like the rise of cloud applications and BYOD initiatives without compromising network security and bandwidth. Capito's Secure Web Gateway service, powered by Censornet, provides organisations with enterprise-class web access control, filtering and reporting whilst safely enabling the adoption of cloud applications.

The demand for cloud applications is unprecedented and the binary 'allow' or 'block' approach of traditional web security proxies either restricts cloud adoption or opens the floodgates to potential data breached or misuse, both of which have a negative impact. Capito SWG allows organisations to embrace the cloud application revolution by implementing discovery and analysis functionality across all devices used on the corporate network.

In addition, the solution provides a wide range of web access control functionality such as real-time anti-malware scanning, URL reputation analysis of billions of web pages, real-time image content scanning and a robust and sophisticated policy and reporting engine.

We can also provide Hybrid Web Security and Email Security & Backup services. 

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Key Features of Capito Secure Web Gateway

  • Security - provides robust web security and cloud application control capabilities including malware and web-bourne threat protection, URL reputation and image scanning technology. Light or deep SSL scanning as standard.
  • Management - provides a flexible policy engine, time and quota setting by user or device group and includes authentication, cloud application discovery and easy BYOD adoption.
  • Reporting - offers real-time reporting including visibility of productivity and compliance by user, domain and actions, cloud application analysis, top trends and bandwidth as well as customer report builder.
  • Deployment - software can be deployed on a virtual or physical server and is optimised for the most demanding networks.

Key Benefits

  • Increase network security
  • Shine light on shadow IT
  • Safe cloud application adoption
  • Enable BYOD
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve bandwidth availability
  • Achieve compliance
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduce legal risk exposure

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