Capito Unified Security Services

Capito Unified Security Solution

Keeping your organisation safe

Complete Security For Your Organisation From One Dashboard - Anyone, Anywhere, Any App, Any Device

Capito works in partnership with Censornet to provide a Unified Security Solution (USS) that combines modules for the security monitoring and control of web, email and cloud application across your network in one dashboard and logging service, meaning that common policies can be applied and incidents tracked across different media.

Whether working in or away from the office, you can protect your employees against cyber-attacks and accidental or malicious leaks of sensitive data. Capito USS keeps your organisation safe from the risks associated with the rapid growth in cloud applications, and the emergence of Shadow IT.

Capito USS provides the security and control of an on-premise or end point component with the flexibility and mobility of a cloud service. It is the next generation in Email, and Web Security with Cloud Application Control giving you the power to extend web access policies to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives and to monitor and control Shadow IT.