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Video Conferencing, made easy 

Capito has teamed up with Odro.

Online meetings can often be complicated and unreliable, but it doesn't need to be this way. Let's be honest, most people have experienced poor quality images or issues with sound or speed of access during a video conference at some point. However, Capito's Online Meetings solution, in partnership with Odro, is a real game changer.

One click and you’re connected. 

  • No downloads
  • No installs
  • 1080px HD quality video & screen sharing

Why choose Odro Online Meetings? 

  • Supports Chrome and Firefox browsers with no plugins required 
  • Supports Internet Explorer 8+ with Vision plug-in
  • Supports High Definition Video and High Fidelity Audio
  • Unique room management facility for room set up, naming and password setting
  • Optimised for reliable multi-party calls for larger groups
  • High-quality, efficient and reliable multi-party calls.
  • Dynamically prioritises audio in response to network video quality for robustness
  • Firewall traversal features supports traversal of corporate and enterprise firewalls
  • Screen sharing with context for sharing documents and presentations on screen 
  • Encrypted and authenticated infrastructure providing customer privacy and security
  • Easily record live meetings and playback later  


You can easily integrate Odro Online Meetings into your existing website. You can also connect with over 30 people in one meeting, with no drop in quality.

Whether participating from a mobile device on a 3G network, or a laptop with less than average Wi-Fi, Odro Vision technology optimises bit-rate, frame rate and other parameters dynamically. This dynamic adaptation, combined with our audio fallback options, means that calls are not disrupted.

Our industry-leading archiving enables the secure recording of calls. Whether you need it for monitoring or auditing purposes, to distribute content, or to record customer service calls, we are the first to offer video archiving capabilities in the new video technology space.

Imagine a potential client or business colleague being able to click your picture on your company website – or even your email signature – and instantly be speaking to you via HD video.

Why not give it a try!

Odro Hub

Would you like to give everyone in the meeting access to the agenda, their documents, all your messages and files before and during the meeting? 

You can. Using the Odro Hub, you'll be able to direct a client or business colleagues to your website, and provide them with access to everything they need for your next meeting. All in one place.

Then you can meet them, on video, right there.

Create more time in your day, and collaborate better – with everyone.