Device as A Service (DaaS)

Device As A Service

A flexible way for you to manage your IT

Device As A Service (DaaS)

Post-pandemic, many organisations have shifted to flexible or hybrid working after seeing some of the benefits during lockdown. However, this has come with new logistical challenges.

Free up your IT team to focus on what is important to your business.  Capito’s Device as a Service (DaaS) offering provides the most up-to-date managed hardware and software, ensuring greater levels of security with the added benefit of reducing capital expenditure.

DaaS eases the costs and risks associated with refreshing IT hardware, by bundling up this hardware with a variety of software, setting, accessories and services for a simple monthly subscription.

Choosing a DaaS model is a flexible way for you to manage your IT procurement and deployment, reducing the complexity of purchasing and provisioning end user devices.

The service spans both supply and full lifecycle management, including environmental disposal, constant monitoring, and regular updating.    

Benefits of DaaS

Productive Employees:

Employees can collaborate from anywhere using the most up to date devices and software.

Cost Effective:

No initial capital outlay. Costs are based on a monthly subscription, with a fixed fee which reduces upfront investment, increases cash flow and are tax friendly.

Simplified IT

Hardware, software, and support services are all packaged together and provided from a single source.

Enhanced IT Security:

Sensitive data is protected at all times using the latest security services.

Faster Deployment:

Zero-touch deployment means devices can be configured and deployed with minimal effort.

Efficient Resources:

IT staff costs are reduced and employees can focus on core activities, not IT support.

Lead the Market:

Using the latest hardware and software, provides employees with the tools to become more agile and market leading. Allows your business to deliver the best end user experience and attract talent.

Could you free up your IT team to focus on what is important to your business?  Could shifting some of your IT budget from a Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) to a predictable recurring Operating Expenditure (OPEX) help you to control costs?

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