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What's Not To Love?

Windows 10 is an amazing operating system, and if you’re using the latest version with the latest security patches and technologies, you have a very effective way to protect users and data.

Behind the scenes Windows 10 provides protection against modern day security threats and allows for continuous innovation. You’ll also benefit from getting new devices and user identities up and running more quickly than ever before, so your team can get to work faster. 

Windows 10, operating system

Support for Windows 7 ended on 14 January 2020

Since you will no longer receive crucial security updates, you really can't afford to delay your migration to Windows 10 any longer. 

We can simplify this process for you. 

Get in touch with a member of our team to find out how we can help you avoid the usual pitfalls with this vital upgrade.

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In addition to security protection, Windows for Business offers business customers:

More control

Windows 10 integrates into your existing infrastructure, with features such as Azure Active Directory Domain Join that allow you to create and enforce network, user, group, and device policies to align with business needs.

Stay connected

Windows 10 enables your business to connect with customers, partners, and suppliers. Users can bring their desktops with them virtually anywhere, regardless of device. Simple, single sign-on to an organisation’s network gives users easier access to shared data and devices.

Stretch hardware investments

Business devices are designed for business, with security and features unmatched by consumer devices. Many come with more durable components, longer warranties, and better support options to help protect the business' financial investments.

Devices can grow along with a business

You may not need or use every Windows 10 feature today, but as your business grows, so will the complexity and the stakes. Getting devices with Windows 10 Pro now sets customers up with the right technology for successful business growth. These devices can be quickly networked, updates are more easily managed, and you also get the extra security and peace of mind that systems and data are protected.

Find out how you can manage your technology more efficiently with Windows 10, including Mobile Device Management, Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility Suite. 

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Still to migrate to Windows 10? 

We work with our customers to provide a controlled and stable migration project. Our process-driven methodology ensures that we deliver your upgrade in a controlled manner, providing stability and continuity throughout your migration to Windows-as-a-Service. 

Our EasyStart Service has been designed to make your Windows 10 migration easier and to ensure you are on the right track. 

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Our first step is to carry out an initial discovery of your environment and applications. We have a team of highly skilled Microsoft consultants who can run a workshop with you, which includes a Windows 10 Readiness Assessment, utilising Microsoft’s Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP).

At the end of the workshop we’ll provide you with our recommendations, outlining your path to Windows 10 and helping with your migration every step of the way. 

Which stage are you at?

Whether you're at the start of your journey to Windows 10, already underway, or if you've already migrated, we can help you at every stage. 

We can help to find and solve Legacy apps, improve performance and work with you to identify and achieve ongoing savings. 

We can also help your organisation run more efficiently with e.g. image capture, image deployment, image maintenance, staging, deployment and management of your end user computing and mobile devices.

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